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A.D.K.A Laboratories and Consultants Co. Ltd has many services to offer. Adka Laboratories adheres to the highest standards and methods and specializes in the testing and treatment of:

  • Food (cooked/uncooked), dairy products
  • Soft drinks (sodas, drinks and juices),
  • Potable water, city water, bottled water, coastal water (lakes, beaches, ponds)
  • Waste water, well water,  pumping station water
  • Petroleum
  • Soil
  • Legionella Testing and Monitoring
  • Installation and servicing of reverse osmosis systems, water softeners and ozonators  
  • Air, boiler and chillers, as well as an extensive range of other analysis.

Adka Laboratories also offers Quality Control services, whereby a technician is stationed on site to monitor and ensure that the highest standards are being met during our client’s production process. Each analysis is comprised of results and standards approved or accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Standard Methods and the Bahamas Ministry of Environmental Health along with other relevant method codes. Recommendations are offered in reports where necessary upon completion of the assessment.